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I need to know these questions

What is Immigration?
Why did immigration happen?
How did immigration happen?
When did immigration happen?
Where did immigration take place?
and Who was involved in it?

please help me

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    Immigration is when a person (immigrant) moves from their home country to another country in hopes of pursuing a better life.(:

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    Cristian is right.

    Immigration has been going on since the beginning of human beings. We migrated out of Africa and eventually settled around the world. Always the people were seeking a better life somewhere else.

    Did you have a specific place and time period in mind?

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    Ms. Sue are you a real-life teacher?c:

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    Yes, Cristian. I'm a real teacher. :-)

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    i did not have a specific place and time period in mind , but thanks for the answer.

    i just need help with the others

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    We've already given you that information.

    Please check to be sure you're not asking about immigration to the U.S. at a specific time.

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    That's me too, right? XD

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