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When a student took her psychology quiz, she did badly on the essay question. Ealier, she had written a good practic essay on this concept. The failure of which memory process led to her poor essay performance?

A) Encoding
B) Retrieval
C) Repression
D) Storage

I think the answer is A, because encoding is the first process of memory. Do any of you agree?

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    I do not agree. I think it would be B or D

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    I guess re-reading the question probably D) storage, because if it isnt stored in memory you cant retrive it.

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    If she did well on the practice essay, the information was defintely stored. Encoding is part of the process of acquiring information. Unless the information was emotionally traumatic, it would not be repressed. If it was, it would not have been there for the practice quiz.

    Especially if the the actual quiz is stressful for her, she would have problems with retrieval.

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    It is definitely "Retrieval" because she has already did well on the essay. So information is already stored in the brain. Now she is not able to retrieve it when she is appearing the Quiz. So it is Retrieval.

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