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I really need help with my homework. It's a long story. My great grandma wanted to walk alone with the dog but she almost got us stranded in Winco, blah blah blah blah blah, I have cheer pictures today, blah blah blah... basically I'm in my room crying trying to do all this homework wondering if my great grandma will return home with the dog or in a body bag so I REEEEALLY need to get this homework done in a certain (short) period of time. I don't know how to work these problems: 15x7=21xb b=___ and 5x6=5x4+5=b b=___ Please help me 

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    I'm sorry about your distress. I hope your great grandma returns home safely.


    105 = 21b

    Divide both sides by 21.

    105/21 = b

    5 = b

    Your second equation doesn't make sense. Please proofread and repost.

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    This is how they printed it. I could maybe use () to help you see it better? I know that 5x6 equals 30 so now I have to figure out (5x4)+5xb will equal 30 and b is....

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    Ahh -- Now that you corrected it, it makes sense.


    30 = 20 + 5b

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