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Food names are used in many English expressions. Fill the blanks with correct food
a) Don't go b_ _ _ _ _s on me
b)That's another fine kettle of f_ _ h you've gotten me in.
c)Wow, these CDs are selling like
h_ _ _ _ _ _s.
d)I'm not going in there, because that elevator is packed like s_ _ _ _ _ _s.
e)He works as slow as m_ _ _ _ _ _s.
f)Quit b_ _ _ _ _ _ _g.

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    a) bananas
    b) fish
    c) hotcakes
    d) sardines
    e) molasses

    Sorry -- but I don't know f.

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    Thank you so much !!!

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    You're very welcome.

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    For f the answer is buttering

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    f is buttering!:)
    Margaret T.

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    F) quit buttering up the coach

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