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In forming Medicare,

a. President Johnson allowed conservatives to propose a program, knowing it would ensure passage by Congress.
> This is probably not correct because congress was never so easy.

b. President Johnson resisted some Democratic urging to propose a European-style government paid system.
>Democrats will never wish for a european style system.

c. President Johnson first tried to propose a European-style government paid system but was blocked by conservatives.
> Could be possible because LBJ was a Democrat.

d. President Johnson opposed any formation of a government supported system.
>Democrats want Government help.

e. None of these answers is correct.

I can not seem to know what can be the correct and legitimate answer.
I have written a comment about every option. Please tell me I am right or wrong.

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    Many Democrats in recent years have advocated for a European-style government paid health care.

    Check this article and see what you think.

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    Okay after reading this article, A is wrong.
    B and C I don't know and ...
    D is obviously wrong too..Since medicare IS by the government.

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    The answer is b.

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    Hmm. Thank you. So not all democrats favor European style system though right?

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    Obama and the Democrats attempt to turn the American health care system into a European-style system.

    So they are democrats who want to do it the European style. Aha.

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    Some Democrats favor a single-payer system similar to those in Canada and Europe. However, others don't.

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    Hmm, why is C not correct either?

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