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I Don't Know What Is This Subject Called In English But It's About Complex Numbers
it says

25 = 16 - 9 i^2 = (4 ± 3i)

But My Teacher Says

25 = 25 - 0 i^2 = (5 ± 0i)

I Think My Teacher Is Wrong , The Result Is 25 But There Will Not Be Complex Number Because ( 0i = 0)
So Is My Teacher Wrong Or Not ?

  • Math -

    both end statements are incorrect

    (4 ± 3i) means (4+3i) OR (4-3i)
    it has nothing to do with the multiplication of

    which would be
    16 - 9i^2
    = 16 - (-9)
    = 25

    your teacher should have said, (probably did)
    (5 + 0i)(5-0i)
    = 25 - 0i^2
    = 25

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