early childhood education

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1)People who understand the characteritics of children at various ages are more likely to develop activities and experiences for them that are
a)developmentally appropriate
b)within time constraints
d)easy to do
my answer is c

2)which of the following terms describes the prohibition against transporting children to anywhere but their homes
a)line of sight supervision
b)grassroots supervision
d)nontraditional supervision
d)nonprofit supervision
my answer b

3)increasing numbers of communities are addressing the need for out of school care due to the relationship between
a)inadequate supervision of teens and teen pregnancy
b)teen pregnancy and inadequate care of infants
c)working mothers and juvenile delinquency
d)unsupervised children and juvenile crime
i put d
can you please help me

  • early childhood education -

    I disagree with your first two answers.

  • early childhood education -

    I pick A for the first one is that correct

  • early childhood education -

    I need help with the first two questions

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