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Nationalism Imperialism Autonomy

Definition of all these three.

Nationalism means supporting your own country.

Imperialism means supporting Britain always.

Autonomy means Independence.

If you could add to these definitions that would be great.

Also for the Imperialism Nationalism thing...Did Britain not support Canada for the Alaska Boundary dispute, I think they supported the U.S, and then when there came a time...Britain asked for the help of Canada to help them in this war, and the French Canadiens did not want Canada to support Britain, because this was not canada's war. That's why the French Canadiens were known as Nationalists I believe.

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    Your definition of imperialism is wrong.

    Here's more information about the Alaska-Canada boundary dispute.

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    If you don't mind could you explain to me in your own words the definitions? Also is there a difference between imperialism and imperialist?

    The disappointment and anger in Canada was directed less at the United States, and more at the British government for betraying Canadian interests in pursuit of a friendly relationship between Britain and the United States.

    So Did Britain betray Canada in any way?

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    This is the first definition of imperialism:

    "the policy of extending the rule or authority of an empire or nation over foreign countries, or of acquiring and holding colonies and dependencies."

    It means the policy of ruling other countries.

    Imperialism is a policy. An imperialist is a person who follows that policy.

    Your quote above said that Britain betrayed Canadian interests.

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    How did they betray it? by supporting U.S over Canada on that alaska boundary dispute?

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