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Shall I use the simple past only for the following two questions (which refer to history)?
I included other doubts. Thank you.

1) Who were the King's Men?
2) Who was the real Macbeth.
3)What does Malcolm tell his soldiers to do when the army reaches (or reach) Birnam Wood?
4)Jasmine is pale-skinned and has got long, white hair and white eyebrows. She is an albino. Her sister Berth looks completely different from her.
5) She is dark-haired and her skin is also quite dark.
6) People sometimes stare rudely at Jasmine, make comments on (?) Jasmine's skin or say cruel things to her.
7) When she was younger, she got quite upsed by people's comments (on her) but now she has got used to them. She is much more confident (about herself?) and she is friendly when she speaks to people.

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    When you're referring to historical things, past tense is good. Present tense is mainly for references to actions in the play.

    1. OK

    2. add question mark

    3. reaches (army is singular)

    4. delete "got"

    5. comma needed

    6. make comments about Jasmine's skin,

    7. When she was younger, she became quite upset by people's comments, but now she is used to them. She is much more self-confident, and she is friendly when she speaks to people.

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