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Your bedroom is 18 ft long and 15 ft wide, and the distance from floor to ceiling is 8 ft 6 in. You need to know the volume of the room in metric units for some scientific calculations.

(a). What is the room’s volume in cubic meters?

(b). What is the mass of air in the room in kilograms? (Assume density of air is 1.2 g/ L and the room is empty of furniture.)

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    ft x 12"/ft x 2.54 cm/in x 1m/100cm = ?meters
    Convert 18ft, 15 ft, an 8.5ft to meters, then volume = length x width x height. That will give you #1.

    For #2, convert cubic meters to liters (I would go from cubic meters to cc, then to L), then volume x density = mass in grams.

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    ok quick question i got the lxwxh and then that would be # 1 .. for i take the answers from one and convert them to liters.. ?/

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    There are 100 cm in 1 m; therefore,
    ?cubic meters x (1m/100 cm)^3 = x cc.
    Then convert x cc to liters (you remember 1000 cc = 1L)

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    ok so a was 84.9 vol .. so i take that and then.. i then take the m and convert them to kil.. then do the vxd=m

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    ok for 2 i did m= 1.2g/l /84.9= .0141 then moved dec. 3 places which made it 14.1 kg is that right or close..

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    No, for two reasons.
    #1. I think the volume is closer to 65 m^3 so you need to rethink that part.
    #2. I screwed up on the conversion of m^3 to cc.
    m^3 x (100cm/1m) x (100 cm/1m) x (100 cm/1m) = x cc. Divide that by 1000 to convert to L. I think the answer is close to 65,000 L.
    65,000 L x 1.2 g/L = ?grams and grams/1000 = kg. My final answer is about 78 kg.

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