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Please do not post any more answers. Jiskha is not a repository for any exam answers.

In addition, we have no idea what the questions are. If you want to post a couple of your exam questions along with your answers, we'll be glad to check them for you.

  • To Sam: Penn Foster answers -

    Main idea

  • To Sam: Penn Foster answers -

    Fred and Greta

  • To Sam: Penn Foster answers -

    Both Greta and were on the bus that arrived in Pittsburgh. Fred was glad to be home. He looked forward to visiting with old friends Greta, on the other hand. Dreaded seeing her old boyfriend. She already missed her days in new york. Answer: Fred once lived in Pittsburgh

  • To Sam: Penn Foster answers -

    Which of the following sentences demonstrates the correct use of capitalizing direction words?

    A. Are you heading East?
    B. The Northeast has been hit with an unusually cold winter.
    C. I live just South of Scranton.
    D. Poor Alex thought he was driving West.

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    Stephen has not than lucia

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