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Ok so I'm join this contest at my school (long story but read that directions below)

7th Graders Against 8th Graders

"The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn,the more places you'll go." Dr. Seuss.

•To motivate and encourage students to read
•7th grade students will compete against 8th grade students. The librarian will record the number of books read per students and per grade.

•Kick off September 12, 2011. Party December 2011.

•Students may read 5 books of their choice in order to join a "funtastic" party full of surprises and prices in December. All students have the opportunity to keep a log of all books read. For every 5 books read and recorded, a student earns 5 extra points in their ELA quarterly.
•Students will complete online book logs. They can access the book logs online by going to the Library homepage and click on the tool bar icon "Battle of Books @ the Ridge" book log. Every student that reads 5 books and completes the book log, will be invited to a fun party in December. He will receive a price and his name will be recognized on the loud speaker.

and when i was doing the fiction log i need a bit help what is the point of view

here is the summeray i wrote

In high school Darcy Wills & Brisana Meeks were best friends, but everything changes when Darcy starts hanging out with Tarah, Cooper, & their friends with Brisana despises. Now they aren't friends anymore. At first they always says that they would never ever hang out with people like Tarah and Cooper. So when Darcy started hanging out with Tarah and Cooper even more than with Brisana, she got angry. So because of that Brisana started seeking revenge which was trying to steal Darcy's boyfriend Hakeem, which she knew would make Darcy feel miserable & jealous; like she felt miserable & jealous when she started hanging out with Tarah Cooper.

the other plot is about when her father had left them for 5 years & cheated in his wife. darcy is not sure to forgive him at the end she forgive him but her mother don't she doesn't trust him. The books is The Matter of Trust by anne scaraff

i really don't know what's the point of view

please help me please

thank you

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