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Thank you very much. Here are the very last sentences on the same theme. Thank you!!!

1) Alan Campbell was an extremely intelligent young man with a passion for science and music. He had first met Dorian at Lady Berkshire’s during a Rubenstein recital.
2) After 18 months they scarcely spoke to each other. Campbell had become sad and uninterested in music. Dorian asked Alan to destroy Basil’s body so that nothing remained of it.
3) Alan Campbell couldn’t refuse to do what Dorian asked because he threatened to blackmail him by sending a letter that would ruin his reputation forever. 4) Alan spent approximately five hours in the attic. Alan is a victim of Dorian’s wickedness and corruption.
5) Dorian blackmailed him and succeeded in getting him to destroy Basil’s body. Both men have a high level of education and culture, and both have homosexual tendencies. They both fear the opinion of their society.
6) Basil’s murder can be interpreted as the inevitable conclusion of Dorian’s inner conflict, since Basil represents the awakening of his conscience, which Dorian wants to repress.
7) At this point of the novel one can see a close similarity with Robert Louis Stevenson’s gothic novel, "The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. 8) Mr Hyde is the horrid, murderous double personality of Dr Jekyll", just as the repugnant face in the portrait can be seen as the corrupt, wicked double personality of Dorian Gray.

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    2) a synonym you might like for "uninterested" = disnterested

    7) At this point IN the novel...

    7) Gothic Novel is usually capitalized


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