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Suppose that you travel to a planet that has 4 times the Earth's mass and 4 times the
Earth's radius. Calculate how much more or less you would weigh on this planet
compared to your weight on Earth. Express your answer as a factor or fraction of
your weight on Earth. Show all work.

  • Astronomy -

    weight W = M g

    g , and the weight, are proportional to M/R^2

    M/R^2 is 4Me/(16 Re^2) = (1/4) Me/Re^2
    on the new planet.
    Me = earth mass
    Re = earth radius

    Weight will be four times less on the new planet

  • Astronomy - clarification -

    The "M" in the first equation is the object mass, not the earth mass. I should have used m.

    The answer is the same

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