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Aluminum metal and Iron(III) oxide react to give aluminum and iron metal. What is the maximum amount of Iron that can be obtained from a reaction mixture containing 2.5 grams of aluminum and 9.5 grams of Iron(III) oxide? What mass of excess reactant remains?

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    You made a typo. It should read, Aluminum metal and iron(III) oxide...........give aluminum OXIDE and iron metal.....

    I work these limiting reagent problems by solving TWO stoichiometry problems. First use grams Al and convert to moles iron assuming you had all of the iron oxide you need. Then use grams iron oxide assume you have all of the aluminum you need and convert to moles Fe. The answers for mols Fe will be different but the correct answer in limiting reagent problems is ALWAYS the smaller value and the substance providing that value is the limiting reagent. The other reagent is the one in excess.
    Here is a worked example of the simple stoichiometry problem.
    Post your work if you get stuck.

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