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Physics 1

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A mass of 17 kg is placed on a frictionless incline which is inclined at an angle of 59 degrees above the horizontal. It is held in place by a rope which is attached to a wall at the top of the incline. The rope is angled 17 degrees above the direction parallel to the incline, however. What is the normal force on the mass in Newtons?

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    Hmm, based off of what I think.
    The rope will be holding the mass at an angle of 76 degrees with respect to a horizontal x- axis.

    Fg = 9.81 * 17
    = 167N

    167N sin 76 <--- thinking about the gravity force being weaker since its at an angle.

    Now calculate the FN
    162N cos 59
    = 83.4N is your Normal force on the incline.

    Sounds right to me, check with your instructor.

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