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Does Harvard University have art & creative writing classes cause I want to become a artist & a creative writer (when writing books, short stories, novels, & poems). I'm just asking. I look on the website but it really confusd me. Please also what is REALLY Harvard Uninersity?

Please answer these questions I'm really curious please. I will be soooooo happy if you guys tell me

Thank You !!! :)
God Bless You All.

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    sorry I miss spell University

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    The reason why I'm asking this cause my best friend said that, that school is a law or med school. I didn't beilive her cause it said it on the website I think I don't know. I'm asking you h=guys to MAKE SURE if they really have it @ Harvard.

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    Harvard is a fine liberal arts college. What makes you think that information gained here will be more reliable that that found, oh, I don't know, at Harvard's web site?

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    but do they have art & creative writing classes their ??

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    Thank You !!! :)
    Now I Know

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    You're welcome. :-)

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