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6th grade science

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what are two objects with the same volume. why does one feel heavier?

  • 6th grade science -

    I don't know what objects have the same volume. But just because their volume is the same that does not mean the mass is.
    For example : Density = Mass/Volume
    Lets say there are objects both with volume of 10
    Volume = Mass / Density

    First object is 1000 in mass and 100 in density.

    Second one is 500 in mass and 50 in density

    Doing the math 1000/100 = 500/50 = 10.
    Both the same volume, yet the first object's mass is double the second's.

  • 6th grade science -

    A train travels at the rate of 120 km per hour. what is its speed in meters per minute?

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