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4. A printed page is to have a total area of 100 square inches. The top and bottom margins are to be 1 inch and the side margins to be 1.5 inches. Let l represent the total length of the page and w represent the total width of the page.
a) Write an equation, using l and w , to express the constraint.
b) Write an equation, using l and w, to express the print area of the page.

for a) I am getting 2l+2w=100, is it correct? I am not sure
and I don't know how to get the answer for B)

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    please someone help me out, this question is driving me crazy!!!

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    To avoid confusing l and 1, I'll use L and W.

    L is the total page length
    W is the total width

    Area = LW = 100

    Let L' be the printable length, W' the printable width.
    L' = L - 2*1 = L-2
    W' = W - 2*1.5 = W-3

    The printable area has margins top and bottom, and right and left. So, the printable area P is

    P = L'W' = (L-2)(W-3)

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