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What is x?

9.6= (0.128)^2 / (0.110) (x)

the answer is 0.249 but i need to how and what steps do i have to take in order to get that.

pls help I need to know this for my exam =/

  • pre-algebra -

    Multiply by .110 to get rid of the fraction:
    9.6*0.110 = (0.128)^2 * x

    Divide by .128^2 to leave x all by itself:
    9.6*0.110/(0.128)^2 = x


    Evaluate 0.128^2/.110 = 0.149, leaving

    9.6 = 0.149x

    Divide by .149, leaving x all alone:

    9.6/0.149 = x

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