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for my advanced spanish lit course I'm reading and presenting on the play "Historia del hombre que se covirtió en perro" by Osvaldo Dragún. I have to analyze and do a presentation on this piece of literature. After reading it I get a genral idea of the storyline however I'm not quite picking up on the "deeper meaning" of the story. Does anyone know what this is supposed to be about or what message it's supposed to convey?

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    I shall be happy to help you but I don't know exactly what you got out of this play. Would you like to discuss it in English or in Spanish?


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    Well honestly all I've gathered from it is the general series of events. I also to an extent feel that it might perhaps be trying to discuss the problems of the working class, the usual mundane nature of someone jobs and perhaps poking fun at the fact that so many work in jobs that absolutely hate and that are so horrible that the pay doesn't really even make up for the torture just for the sake of having a job. However I spoke with my professor and apparrently there supposed to be somehthing deeper to it than just that

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    Oh and either spanish or english is fine

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    Sorry, I couldn't find your post again! It's a good idea to create a new post, because most of us merely read the new posts that we have not yet read!

    Understand first of all what existencialism is. It concentrates on the deshumanization of man. Like Sartre and Camus, part of this philosophical story is absurd and meaningless, and full of angst and dispair. Actor 1's existance is futile and irrational.

    Secondly, parody is here in that the actors speak to the audience, much as they did in Greek plays.

    Are you aware politically, economically and socially what Argentina was like in the 1950s and 1960s? Being that the author was Jewish, Perón tolerated them and even allowed them to have positions in politics. However, after he was out of office there was a military intervention, a period of antisemetism and a facist organization. The Tacuora Nationalist Movement persecuted the Jewish people, with bombings of the synagogues, etc.

    The suthor was actually writing about the upheavals during social and labor problems.

    Did you understand the simbolism of the 4 seasons and there being no Spring. (when hope springs eternal, etc.?) The play then is critique of conditions at that time. There was also an active Jewish Theater, publications, etc. (el Teatro Abierto) during Perón's administration.

    Please "Post a New Question" if you have any questions and/or comments.


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