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From a point 45 meters above level ground, a surveyor measures the angle of depression of an object on the ground at 68°. Approximate the distance from the object to the point on the ground directly beneath the surveyor. (Round your answer to two decimal places.)

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    Hint: tan = height/width

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    ok, would you be able to set up for me?

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    Well, draw a triangle! I mean, they only gave you two pieces of information. Can't see any way to use it?

    At the top of the cliff is point A. At the bottom of the cliff is point B. AB = 45m. Somewhere out along the ground is point C.

    Now, angle BAC is 68deg.
    BC/45 = tan(68)
    BC = 45 tan(68) = 45 * 2.475 = 111.38m

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