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A car travels along a straight stretch of road. It proceeds for 14 mi at 50 mi/h, then 28.3 mi at 48 mi/h, and finally 37.4 mi at 38.3 mi/h.
What is the car’s average velocity during
the entire trip?
Answer in units of mi/h
Can u show the steps and answer to it, thanks.

  • physics -

    To get the average speed during the entire trip, divide the total distance by the total time.

    part 1: 14mi/50mph = 0.28 hr
    part 2: 28.3mi/48mph = 0.59 hr
    part 3: 37.4mi/38.3mph = 0.98 hr

    total: 79.7mi/1.85hr = 43.1mi/hr

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