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Given three collinear points X, Y, and Z and XY=8 and YZ=20, what is the length of a segment joining the midpoint XY and YZ?

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    Draw line segment XZ and let X = 0, the
    starting point.

    Xy = Y - 0 = 8,
    Y = 8.

    M1 = (8-0) / 2 = 4 = Mid-point of XY.

    YZ = Z - Y = 20,
    Z - 8 = 20,
    Z = 28.

    M2 - Y = 20 / 2 = 10,
    M2 - 8 = 10,
    M2 = 18.

    Segment M1M2 = M2 - M1 = 18 - 4 = 14.

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