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an someone show me the steps to solve this problem? x^2 + 5x +8 divided by x + 3

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    Think of it as a long division problem, and do it the way you would if dividing a 2-digit number into a 3-digit number.

    x goes into x^2 x times.
    Multiply the divisor by x to get x^2 + 3x
    Subtract that from x^2 + 5x and the x^2 terms go away.

    Now you are left with x+3 into 2x+8. x goes into 2x 2 times.
    Multiply the divisor by 2 to get 3x+6
    Subtract that and the x terms go away, and you are left with a remainder of 2.

    So, (x^2 + 5x + 8)/(x + 3) = x+2 remainder 2
    x + 2 + 2/(x+3)

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