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The people of Africa vary greatly across the continent. Thousands of different ethnic groups occupy this vast continent. In two or three well-developed paragraphs, suggest two ways in which ethnic groups can differ from one another besides language

Thousands of different ethnic groups occupy the continent of Africa. However, they all vary from one another in ways other than language. Religion is a big difference between all of the groups. For example, the Bemba tribe has their own conventional religion. They believe in a higher god named Leza, who lives in the sky who has control of things like thunder. However, the Berber tribe is traditionally Muslim.
Another way that the thousands of ethnic groups differ is their economy. Different tribes do things such as making jewelry, tending to livestock, or working in flourmills. The largest ethnic group in Africa, the Zulu, is well known for making beautifully bright colored beads. However, they also work on farms and some do domestic work in cities. Unlike the Zulu, the Maasai have to rely on raising cattle and also growing crops.

Does this sound ok?

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    Looks good! :-)

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