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It is found that ozone reaction in water nearly follows first-order kinetics in ozone concentration decreases by 50% in 12 minutes (t1/2 = 12 min). A water supplier wants to inject ozone into a pipe bringing water to thee water treatment plant to pre-disinfect the influent. The 3 ft diameter pipe is 3400 feet long with a steady flow rate of 10000 gal/min. What concentration of ozone in mg/L should be injected at the head of the pipe so that there will be an ozone concentration of 1 mg/L at the pipe's exit into the plant?

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    Compute the average velocity of the water flowing in the pipe.

    Get this from the relation
    Q = A * V
    where Q is the volume flow rate and A is the cross sectional area. I recommend that you convert Q from gallons/min to ft^3/min, to get a flow velocity in ft/s.

    The time it takes the water to reach the plant is
    T = L/V

    Compute that time.

    The ozone density will decrease by a factor

    Use that factor to determine the ozone density requirement at the source

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