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Thank you very much. Can you check the word choice in the following sentences, too? Thank you.

1) With the death of Elizabeth in 1603 the Tudor line died out and James VI (1603-1625) became the first Stuart King in England.
2) James I believed that the monarch was the representative of God on earth and summoned Parliament only to ask for money.
3) He also believed in the subjection of Parliament to the king’s will and insisted on strict conformity to the rites of the Anglican Church.
4) Catholics and Puritans were thus excluded from (holding) public offices. On 5 November 1605 English Catholics organized the Gunpowder Plot, so-called because they tried to blow up the king and the Parliament in session.
5) He was succeeded by his son Charles I (1625-1649) in 1625 . His reign was troubled by the continuous clash with Parliament. Puritans held a considerable majority in Parliament and wanted a true balance of power between the King and Parliament.

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