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Social Sciences, 3 scenarios

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In small rural communities, nearly everyone knows everyone else and there is considerable social interaction. A duel relationship arises for a social worker when he or she provides professional services for a client and enters into a business or social relationship with that client. Assume you are a Social worker in a rural community, that you are serving on a church committee, and that one of your clients joins this committee. What do you do?

You are on a Volleyball team in your community. The team has a ritual of having a few beers after a game. A client of your joins the team. What do you do?

One of your clients in the only cement contractor in the community. You own a home and need a new driveway. Will you contact this cement contractor to pour a new driveway for you? give rationale for what you would do.

  • Social Sciences, 3 scenarios -

    What do YOU do?

    We'll be glad to discuss YOUR responses with you.

  • Social Sciences, 3 scenarios -

    Why not welcome that client and then be sure that your business relationship remains separate from the church committee.

    Again, socializing is fine IF you can keep the business relationship separate.

    If that client is the ONLY cement contractor in the community, wouldn't you prefer helping a community member? He has a monopoly but might never forgive your going outside the community!


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