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A UPS employee has a 9 hour shift, where he has on average 1 container of packages containing a variety of basic, business, and oversized packages to process every 3 hours. As soon as he processes a package he passes to the next employee who loads it on a truck. The time is takes him to process:

Average # of minutes to label and package each unit-----Basic: 5 min, Business:4 min, Oversized: 6 min.

Average # of units per container: Basic: 10, Business: 10, Oversized: 5.

He processes packages as follows: first he processes all business packages in the container. The he randomly selects either basic packages or oversized packages for processing until the container is empty. His manager suggested that he for each container he should process all business packages first, second the basic packages, and last oversized packages.

1)IF he follows his supervisor's advice, what will happen to his utilization?
2)WHat will happen to the average time that a package spends in the container?

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