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to be an effective worker in an inclusive early childhood classroom, you: A. Need a great deal of special training B. Must have prior experience in a pediatric care environment C. Need to think of exceptional children as different D. Will need to collaborate with other professionals I choose C 2. Inappropriate behavior in children: A. Cannot be caused by the environment B. Really cannot be prevented C.can always be prevented D. Is sometimes a result of the learning environment I choose D can someone please check my answers

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    I disagree with your first answer, but agree with your second.

    No two children are alike; all children are different.

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    thanks Ms Sue I think it would be A

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    No. An aide does not need "a lot" of special training. The aide follows the directions of the teacher.

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    thanks Ms. Sue I guess I looked over the key word worker not teacher. So I guess D would be the correct answer

  • early childhood in language arts -

    Yes. D is the correct answer for the first question.

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