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A student wonders if tall women tend to date taller men than do short women. She measures herself, her dormitory roommate, and the women in the adjoining rooms; then she measures the next man each woman dates. Here are the data (heights in inches):
Men (x) 67 62.1 66.9 63.3 72.7 62.1
Women (y) 74.1 67.2 69.7 69.1 71.6 63.1

Find the correlation between the heights of men and women (round your answer to at least two decimal places.)

How does the correlation change if all the men were 4 inches shorter than the heights given in the table?

Decrease by 4/

Increase by 1/4

Stay the same

Decrease by 1/4

Impossible to tell without plotting the new data.

Increase by 4/.

If heights were measured in centimeters rather than inches, what would be the correlation (± 0.01)? (There are 2.54 centimeters in an inch.)

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    help me please GUys

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