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Math please help!

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invested 2000
gains 0.2 every odd numbered month
gains 0.15 every even numbered month
write function for n months?

i've tried solving this with a formula, but every formula i come up with is wrong.

Could someone tell me how to solve this and plug in the right numbers into a formula?

  • Math please help! -

    For the first five months algebrically i got:
    1: 2400
    2: 2040
    3: 2448
    4: 2080.8
    5: 2496.96

    i tried using this formula:

    when i plugged in 1 for n i got 2400.
    however, when i plugged in 2 for n i got 2880. which isn't right.
    so i changed the formula to 2040(1+ .2)^1 I got the right answer

    but is there a simple formula where i can just plug in the "n" and get the right amount?

  • Math please help! -

    Is there one formula where i can get the answer to any month?

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