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Math !

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This is a good paragraph (i'll xplain)

On the Line below, explain how you determined the type the type of quardrilateral ploted on the grid. (i follow the directions all i had to do is plotted the point which i got a trapazid)

I determined the type of quadrilateral plotted on the grid by following the directions. At first I read the directions & did what they told me to do to. After I connected the dots together it I realized it was a trapazid. The reason why I say it's a trapazid is because a trapazid have 4 quadrilateral sides.

i kno it's a bit bad & need some setence fix but if it bad how do i put the last sentence in the beggenning cause that is the really reason why i found my answer it just when i put the first sentence & last sentence together it won't make sense how do i do that.

plzzz help me plzz

Thank You !!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Math ! -

    Your answer is good.

    In your last sentence, you don't need "quadrilateral." A trapezoid has four straight sides.

    Correct your spelling to TRAPEZOID, and you're fine.

  • Math ! -

    Thank You, Ms. Sue

    so everything else i wrote is fine ???

  • Math ! -

    You're welcome. Yes, the rest is fine.

  • Math ! -

    OK just making sure :)

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