Spanish 1-Please check

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How do you say the class of economics and the class of anatomy in Spanish.
I think it is la clase de economis y la clase anatomis. Accent should be over both (i's)

  • Spanish 1-Please check -

    Pretty close. Note in English you have said "of" which you also need in Spanish .

    la clase de economía (accents are most important)

    la clase de anatomía


  • Spanish 1-Please check -

    Thank you

  • Spanish 1-Please check -

    It goes like this: La Clase de Economia and La Clase de Anatomia

  • Spanish 1-Please check -

    It is not necessary to use capital letters, but, as say SraJMcGin do not forget accent.

    La clase de economía y la clade anatomía, or las clases de economía y de anatomía.

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