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Thank you very much. Could you check if the final version is OK? I made changes in 1 and 6 and I corrected the mistakes.

1) According to Lord Henry, their age needs a new form of hedonism, that is the pursuit of pleasure as the greatest goal in life.
2) Influenced by Lord Henry’s words on youth and beauty, he is terrified of aging. He fears that he will lose everything when he loses his youth.
3) The power of Lord Henry’s words succeeds in dominating Dorian (playing with his mind, manipulating him) and making him live his life for art and forget moral responsibility.
4) When Dorian looks at the painting, he is quite moved, as if he sees himself for the first time. Recalling the words of Lord Henry, he first recognizes the extraordinary beauty and youth in the portrait and then is pained by the thought of losing it.
5) He envies the figure in the painting and says that he would give his soul to be young forever as the painting will be.
6) He impulsively vows that he will kill himself when he grows old and wishes that the portrait would age in his place whereas he remains young.

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    Looks fine.


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