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A soccer goal is 24 feet wide. Point A is 40 feet in front of the center of the goal. Point B is 40 feet in front of the right goal post. Which angle is larger A or B? How much larger?

  • Trig -

    1. Draw a sloped line(hyp) from Lt.side
    of the goal to point A.

    2. Draw a sloped line from Lt. side of
    goal to point B.

    3. Calculate angle between eacdh hyp
    and the hor:

    tanA = Y/X = 40 / 12 = 3.33,
    A = 73.3 deg.

    tanB = 40 / 24 = 1.67,
    B = 59 deg.

    A - B = 73.3 - 59 = 14.3 deg.
    A is 14.3 deg larger.

  • Trig -

    Correction: A = 90 - 73.3 = 16.7 deg.
    B = 90 - 59 = 31 deg.

    B - A = 31 - 16.7 = 14.3 deg.
    B is 14.3 deg. Larger than A.

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