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overview of teaching techniques

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which of the following statements is a good technique to use when tutoring a student?
(a)''the next problem is should be able to get it.''
(b)''this next problem is hard,but lets see if you can get it.''(my answer)
(c)''johney and erica can do these problems,why cant you?''
(d)''cant you ever get anything right?''

what type of questions are based on fact and have a specific right answer?

(a)objective questions (my answer)
(b)subjective questions
(c)analysis questions
(d)evaluation questions

which of the following classroom arrangements work best for individual study?
(a)traditional arrangement(my answer)
(b)horseshoe arrangement
(c)modular arrangement
(d)y-shaped arrangement

which type of thinking is encouraged by the discoveryt model of teaching?
(b)inductive(my answer)

ms sue please check my answers thanks

  • overview of teaching techniques -

    I agree with your answers.

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