math 7th grade

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answer: 4a^2+5b+2c
6a^2-a^2+16=7a^2+16 correct??

  • math 7th grade -

    a^2 + 2b + 2a^2 = 3a^2 + 2b

    2 * ( a^2 + 2b + 2a^2 ) + b + 2c =

    2 * ( 3a^2 + 2b ) + b + 2c =

    6a^2 + 4b + b + 2c =

    6a^2 + 5b + 2c

  • math 7th grade -

    6a^2 - a^2 + 16 = 5a^2 + 16

  • math 7th grade -

    8^2 divid 16x2-5

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