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Math(Equation Writing)

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Can you please help me write out the equation for these? (not solve)

1. The number of trees planted by the Alpine Nursery in April was three more than twice the number of trees planted by the nursery in March. If 73 trees were planted in April, how many trees did the nursery plant in march?

2. A long distance phone company's monthly charges are 4.99 plus 10 cents per minute. If the monthly bill was $16.99, find out how many minutes were used that month.

3. Mike bought 8 pairs of socks and a T-shirt. his bill was $31.50. Determine the price for each pair of socks if the cost of the T-shirt was 7.50

  • Math(Equation Writing) -

    1. X = The # of trees planted in March.
    2x + 3=The # of trees planted in April.

    Eq: 2x + 3 = 73.

    2. X = The # of minutes used.
    C = the total charges.

    Eq: C = 0.1x + 4.99.

    3. X = Cost of each pair of socks.
    C = Total cost.

    Eq: C = 8x + 7.50.

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