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Can anyone help me to solve this, please?

A right prism has a polygonal base with n sides. Each side has a length of 5 in. The altitude of the prism is 20 in.

If the base had n+1 sides, each still having a side of length 5 in, by how much, in square inches, would the lateral area of the prism increase by? Express your answer as a number only.

I would be mighty grateful!

  • geometry -

    Al = Ph = 5n * 20 = 100n in^2. = Lateral Area.

    Al = Ph = (5(n+1)) * 20 = (5n+5)*20 =
    (100n + 100) in^2.

    Amt. Increased=(100n+100) -100n = 100 in^2.

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