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Calculus :)

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The number of bacteria in a culture is modeled by n(t)=1550e^(0.24t)
(a) The initial number of bacteria is _____
(b) The relative rate of growth of this bacterium population is _____
(c) The number of bacteria after 3 hours is _____
(d) After how many hours will the number of bacteria reach 10,000? _____

  • Calculus :) -

    (a) n(t) = 1550 (when t = 0)
    (b) relative to what?
    (c) If t is in hours in the equation, plug in t = 3 and calculate
    (d) Solve 10,000 = 1550 e^0.24t for t
    0.24 t = ln6.452 = 1.864
    t = ____

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