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i have a problem with this question my teacher gave me. i don't know what to write for the answer.

the problem: there is a girl named Jane who is hired as the head of the payroll department at R& S Electronic company, firm of 75 employees. she is hired by Eddi the general manager who informs her of the need for maintaining strict confidentiality regarding employee salaries and pay scales. she is also introduced to brad the owner and tells her to see him if there are any problems. 3 moths later Jane began to wonder why Greg a service technician and eddies brother, made so much more commissions than others.she thinks its because he's highly qualified. She also notices brad, Eddie, and Greg having lunch together. one day, Eddie gave Jane the stack of work tickets for service technicians for upcoming week. every technicians had to do this ticket work. since she had a doctors appointment next week she goes to eddies office to tell him about it. When she entered the office she saw Eddie give Greg a separate stack of work tickets. Eddie saw her and told her not to mention it to anyone otherwise she is fired. Jane was upset that Eddie was giving his brother Greg easier, high commission work to his brother and Eddie had authority to fire her. Since she had only been at the company for a short time, she was still on probation. This was her first job since college. she wondered what she should do.

That was the problem and i need to solve it by giving 2 solutions to this problem. i don't know what the solutions should be. i also need 3 advantages and 3 disadvantages for each solution.

Can someone please help me.

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