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three boxes are in a room. You know that one contains apples, one centains oranges, and one contains a mixture of apples and oranges, but you don't know the contents of the specific boxes. The boxes are labeled "apples","oranges", and "apples and oranges", but each box has the wrong label on it. You must identify the contents of each box bu picking one piece of fruit from only one box. You aren't allowed to feel the fruit! How can you identify the contents of each box?

Please explain because it doesn't make any sense to me!!!

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    Pick a piece of fruit from the "apples and oranges" box. If you get an apple, then you know this box is the apple box.

    That leaves two boxes: one labeled oranges and the other apples and oranges. You know that both of these labels are wrong -- so you now know what to label each box.

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