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I'm doing an independent study plan for music and I really need some suggestions for choosing the right subject that will be fun and interesting for a class to learn about. Could I please have some suggestions? (Something to do with the voice or piano would be great!)

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    Is this study plan supposed to be given to the class for studying a subject or are you wanting a study plan for yourself on a subject to get prepared to talk to the class about the subject?

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    I believe my teacher wants me to choose a study plan for myself on a subject to get prepared to talk to the class about

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    Do you have any ideas for a subject? Your name is Beethoven. Is he your subject? Is the subject supposed to be about the arts or music or any subject you choose?

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    Well I was thinking of doing "How the Voice Works" and Beethoven was just a random name (: but it's supposed to be on music

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    Do you know how to do Power Point?

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    Yes I was thinking of doing that. I think I might present it on a power point and hand out worksheets or create a fun activity for my classmates. I did a lot of researching and I think I i'll stick with the voice. If you'd like to suggest any activities that would be really awesome but thank you!

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    There is very interesting information on how and why the fetus is effected in the womb by music and how the child is affected later in life.

    A subject that might also be used is who invented an instrument that is unique, say the bagpipes, the digereedo, the accordian,etc. Ones that were invented by someone in a foreign country I think would be the most interesting and fun to learn about.

    Another subject could be the Suzuki method of training very young children music. The children are as young as 2 and are skilled by the time they are 8.

    I think the PowerPoint would be excellent for all of these and how the voice works also. I think if you can borrow or rent, for a day or so, a musical instrument and let the class try it out, that would be fun. Also getting recordings of the voice at various levels of age in any type of activity and music training would be a good aid in that subject. Recordings of all the subject would be interesting. CDs would also be interesting. I also think it would be intersting to find out how the brain is able to use rhythm, beat, and coordination when people sing in quartets, etc. with no accompaniment.
    Have someone who is tone deaf and someone who has perfect pitch (that is when they can start singing a song on key with no help) cannot easily sing together. Do a demonstration of this. Being tone deaf is actually very common.

    Let me know if you think these ideas are helpful and if you would like further help. OK?

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    I am sorry, I missed the part where you were going to stick with the voice. However you can use the activities and may get other ideas from them. That often happens when people are given ideas, they start thinking outside their usual limitations. Don't you think? You can also give the ideas to classmates that are stuck on ideas.

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    Thank you so much! These ideas are extremely helpful. I turned my idea in today but i think she may let me change it so i can look further into those suggestions because they're really great! I would never have thought of them. If I need anymore help I'll be sure to ask you! Thanks again!

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    I think you should do singing

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