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i need to know if these words fit the sentences correctly, like do they make sense. The words that i put in them from a vocab list are capitalized. This: * means a new sentence.

*At the risk of being boring, let me REITERATE my warning against careless driving.
*In Shakespeares famous tragedy Othello, lago comes to Otherllo in the BEREFT of a friend but proves to be a deadly enemy.
*Why would someone who is usually so neat and tidy appear in public in such an UNKEMPT state.
*Americas earliest settlers faced the hardships of life on the frontier with FORTITUDE and faith.
*Perhaps i would be bored with the OPULENT lifestyle of a millionaire, but im willing to try it.
*Having learned to respect the power in his opponents fists, the boxer circled WARILY around the center of the ring.
*The twigs that were to be woven into the basket were soaked in water to make them more PLIABLE.
*How can you tell whether the chopped-meat patty you ate for lunch had been ADULTERATE with artificial coloring and other foreign substances.
*We learned that beneath his GUISE exterior there was a sensitive, highly subtle and perceptive mind.
*The company commander called his troops together and asked for more volunteers to AUGMENT the strength of the raiding party.
*Since i need the speakers exact words for my report, i have asked the stenographer to take down the speech VERBATIM.
*His unchanging facial features and controlled voice as he received the news gave no INTIMATION of his true feelings.
*What a tragedy that in the twilight of her life the unfortunate woman should be INSIDIOUS of all her loved ones!
*Why should i be the object of all those TENTATIVE just because im wearing baby blue Bermuda shorts on campus?
*Many ballplayers can bat from either side of the plate, but they cannot throw well with each hand unless they are AMBIDEXTROUS.
*To this day, historians are still debating whether or not Aaron Burr was guilty of a deploy plot to break up the United States.
*The STOLID expressions on the jurors faces as they grimly filed back into the courtroom did not bode well for the defendant.
*As the magicians beautiful blond assistant seemed to vanish into thin air, the entire audience gape in amazement.

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    These are not used correctly:


    Is the last one supposed to be GAPED?

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    yes:)thank you so much

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    You're welcome.

    Please post your answer changes if you'd like more feedback.

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    Thank you so much!
    Now I can see what I got wrong.
    Plus now I have time for other homework!

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