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This week you are beginning your project. The development for this project will take place over length of the capstone course. Your instructor will work with the the students to select and approve each portion of the project development. You will work on the capstone project with weekly deliverables from this point forward.

The first task is to select a capstone project and prepare a project proposal for approval by your instructor. The instructor will take an active role in the selection and approval of this project, so be sure to communicate with the instructor as you prepare this proposal. The instructor will treat the development process the same as a business environment and treat the students accordingly, so all aspects of your proposal and the ensuing projects should be done with professionalism.

In order for your capstone project to be successful, it must have clear milestones and deliverables. The coding phase of a software project must conform to the same guidelines. For this assignment, you will also develop standards to apply to the code and the coding process. The result will be an implementation plan that will address key issues for your project during this particular portion of the development cycle.

The capstone project should be carefully selected to ensure it is of the appropriate level of difficulty to demonstrate your knowledge and skills in total life cycle management. Make sure you do not undertake a project that is too complex for the amount of time available in this course.

Assignment Guidelines:

Select a suitable project to undertake during this course. Keep time-contraints and the level of complexity in mind when choosing your project.
The project will include the design, development, testing, and release to production of a Microsoft Windows or Web-based software system.
Provide a brief summary of your selected project to your instructor for preliminary approval.
This must be submitted to the instructor at least 48 hours before the Individual Project due date.
After you receive approval from your instructor to proceed, prepare the final project proposal. The project proposal should include the following:
A cover page with a title, the course number and name, your name, and the date.
A table of contents
An introduction with a brief overview of the proposed project
A detailed project scope description. A project scope should address at least the following:
Project Objectives and what it intends to deliver.
Target customer base.
Business or technical needs that will be met by the project.
Boundaries of the project—what the project will not address.
A detailed implementation plan including the following:
Coding standards (style, naming conventions, and so forth).
Version control policies.
any other issues your team feels should be addressed to ensure a consistent and effective approach to the programming efforts.
A list of necessary hardware components required for users to run the application based on the overall project objectives.
An estimate of the time required and a completion timeline for each portion of the overall project.
Identification of any significant risks you feel might impact the project.
A summary with your proposal conclusion and justification that convinces the instructor to approve the project for the capstone course.
Any documents (drawings, spreadsheets, etc.) that you create with software other than Microsoft Word should be pasted into your Word document. They should not be submitted as individual files.
Be sure to reference any sources in APA format.

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    The post has described what your teacher expects you to do.

    Please elaborate on what kind of help you need, and what you have done so far.

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