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I need help.. Did I find all of the adverbs, adjectives,comparatives, and superlatives in the following?

Recently (adverb) I watched the 2006 version of The Hills Have Eyes it was different (adjective) from the 1977 version. The movie is about a family that ends up broken down in the middle of the desert, on a non-traveled-dead end road. That happens to be an old military nuclear test ground. They start to get killed off one by one, when they realize that they are not alone. Every movie is unique, and in every (adverb) remake, you can always (adverb) see the similarities and differences. One noticeable difference (comparative) was the amount of time and technique put into the costumes. Still, the movie had many great moments. The acting was not the greatest (comparative) but the story was more realistic (adverb).The previews for The Hills Have Eyes remake had less (superlative) advertisement than the 1976 version. I think both versions were well written but I am a bigger fan of the remake. To this day it is still one of the freakiest movies I have ever seen.

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    Every and realistic are not adverbs.
    One noticeable difference is not comparative.

    I found many adjectives and adverbs that you missed. In the first three sentences, these are the additional adjectives and adverbs. Also note that since the first "sentence" is run-on, it should have a period after Eyes.

    nuclear test


    The rest of the paragraph has 8 more adjectives and 7 more adverbs.

    Check these sites for information about these parts of speech.

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