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Global Telephone charges 30 dollars for monthly phone service, plus a long distance calling rate of 15 cents per minute. After an hour of long distance calling charges,the rate drops to just 5 cents per minute for additional long distance calls.

What will the monthly bill be if you make 150 minutes of long distance calls?

If the phone bill was 45 dollars, how many minutes of long distance calls did you make?

Let n denote the number of minutes of long distance service you use in a given month. Find a formula involving n that expresses your monthly telephone bill.

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    . Louisa has $4,500 in her savings
    account. She has to choose between two
    savings plans. Under plan A, she will
    increase her account balance by 10% per
    year. Under plan B, her account balance
    will increase by $525 per year.
    If she plans to keep her money in savings
    for 3 years, which plan should she
    choose? How much more will she save
    under that plan?

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