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Need help identifying 15 medical terms that would be unfamiliar to non-medical persons. Also providing singular and plural forms of selected medical terms.

This is a 47-year-old male who was in his usual state of health until early this evening when he developed an acute episode of odynophagia and a sensation of a foreign body in the proximal esophagus. This occurred after the patient had several bites of fish. The patient was evaluated with C-spine films and soft-tissue films, but no definite foreign body was seen. The soft tissue was noted to be normal. The patient, however, continued to have a sensation of a foreign body in the proximal esophagus and was complaining of upper esophageal pain. He has no past history of dysphagia, tobacco abuse, peptic ulcer disease, or reflux history. The patient has no past history of lye or corrosive substance ingestion. He denies any fever, chills, or shortness of breath.

This is a well-developed and well-nourished anxious black male in mild distress. Head and neck are normocephalic, atraumatic. Sclerae clear. The oropharynx is clear. The neck is supple with free range of motion and no thyromegaly. The trachea is midline and mobile. There is no crepitus noted. Lungs are clear bilaterally. Heart is regular rate and rhythm. Abdomen is soft and nontender with bowel sounds active in all four quadrants. There are no hepatosplenomegaly or masses noted. Rectal is deferred. Musculoskeletal with free range of motion. Neurologic with no focal deficits.

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    These things in the first paragraph would need to be put into everyday language:

    -- acute episode of odynophagia and a sensation of a foreign body in the proximal esophagus. (2 terms here)

    -- C-spine films and soft-tissue films

    -- soft tissue

    -- sensation of a foreign body in the proximal esophagus

    -- upper esophageal pain.

    -- dysphagia, ... peptic ulcer disease, or reflux history (3 terms here)

    What do you find in the second paragraph?

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    You might like to have one of my Medical Dictionaries where you can look up any term:


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